In order to better serve you and remain a leader in the control system and integration industry, Process Solutions is constantly developing new tools to increase the efficiency of our work. This is demonstrated through the 400 AutoCAD functions created by our CAD team. These functions work to create a highly automated CAD system with an advanced drawing and milling data production process.

One of the 400 AutoCAD functions is our automated milling and drill tap tagging program. Before our CAD team created this program, it could take up to two hours to produce drawings and milling data. However, with its implementation, we have cut production time to under two minutes. This reduction in design and drawing production means we can begin assembling our customer’s panels faster than ever before, while reducing overall cost.  

The automated tagging program works by accelerating the preparation of machine tool path files. Formatted blocks and integral control text is used to dynamically generate milling data, while excluding unavailable milling regions. Through this process, the milling machine is protected from damage caused by potential collisions.

Few companies in the industry can match the efficiency and capabilities of our CAD team, and the functions they’ve developed. Therefore, we are able to provide an exceptional product to the market and continue to be a leader in the industry.