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Process Solutions Launches Airixa Energy Management & Refrigeration Systems

From the cell phone in your hand, to an industrial refrigeration system in a factory; energy is the driving force behind almost everything we do. Energy isn’t cheap though, and a company’s ability to manage energy consumption is paramount to maintaining optimum efficiency. At Process Solutions, we developed Airixa as a way to mitigate the high costs of electricity, and bring modernization and modularity to the way companies manage their energy consumption.

Energy Management and Refrigeration

Airixa is a control system platform for the control of industrial refrigeration and energy management. With Airixa, companies can reduce peak energy demands and run their facilities at optimal efficiency, without compromising operational performance. This is achieved through Airixa’s load-shedding abilities and demand management features. With demand management, the user gains full demand control and demand response over their Airixa system.

Modular Control System Built with Off-the-Shelf Hardware

In order to provide a truly modular system, we designed new software technology for Airixa, which allows new equipment to be added to the system seamlessly, and without having to completely re-write the code. In leveraging our knowledge of the industry, we designed Airixa as a control system built with off-the-shelf hardware that has been proven in thousands of installations. By using non-proprietary parts, Airixa can be supported, updated, and modified by Process Solutions, as well as the end user.

Airixa also comes fully equipped with a SCADA package for graphic visualization, data collection, system analysis, and the ability to conduct full system audits. The system audits allows users to see who changed any parameters, what was changed, and when the change was made. Alarm notifications as well as logging and archiving of historical events and data are further benefits of the SCADA package.

Access Airixa From any Internet Capable Device

Process Solutions envisioned an energy management system as modern and connected as the world around it. Therefore, we built in user access to Airixa via web browser from any internet connection. Through these connections, multiple users can simultaneously log in to the system. For added security, user authentication is also included. With OPC support, communication between the system and other software is possible such as an existing facility controls, building management systems, or an ERP system. Native Android and iOS apps help you stay connected to Airixa from remote locations.

Built-in Efficiency Measures

Working to create an efficient facility is the core function of Airixa. With equipped efficiency measures such as floating discharge pressure, floating suction pressure, and compressor optimization, you can be sure Airixa will always have your facility running at peak levels.

About Process Solutions, Inc.

Established in 1987, Process Solutions has emerged as a leader in the control systems and integration industry. Thirty years of quality and experience is built in to every control panel that ships from Process Solutions’ 30,000 square foot facility in Stanwood, Washington. For more information on Airixa, or any of our other products and services, please visit