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Process Solutions Launches 30 amp and 60 amp PanelReady Multi-Motor Starter Panels

For decades, purchasing a control panel has been the same process. The customer requests a quote from a panel shop or integrator, who then designs and builds a customized system to your specific application requirements. This process is ideal for control applications with PLC controls, complex machines, or full production lines. However, for simple projects such as starting or driving motors, the custom design process is not always needed. Realizing a streamlined purchasing process was possible for simple control applications, Process Solutions created PanelReady – the fast and easy approach to buying a control system. 

The idea behind PanelReady is to take advantage of certain panel designs that are both simple, and occur often enough that it makes sense to standardize and mass-produce them. By creating standardized panels, Process Solutions is able to make significant cuts to the time between placing an order and shipping the panels. Clients can expect shipment within one week and even next-day is possible. 

Multi-motor starter panels are slated to be the first phase of PanelReady systems to hit the shelves. These panels will eventually be offered in multiple configurations, but initially there will be 30 and 60 amp versions. Each configuration can provide overload and short circuit protection for motors up to the panel limit, along with HOA (Hand-Off-Auto) switch controls on the door. The panels will be built with the same components that we use in thousands of panels annually, in order to ensure availability, quality, and reliability. 

Process Solutions will offer PanelReady systems through the Amazon marketplace, which will allow customers to receive their systems easily and quickly, from a familiar source. Process Solutions will also offer an express shipping option for those who require the fastest delivery available in the industry. 

PanelReady multi-motor starter panels will launch in Q4 2016, with future installments of PLC, HMI, and VFD panels coming in 2017. These versions will provide a complete system capable of being ordered, configured, built, tested, and shipped in days versus weeks or months. 

View the Amazon listings for the 60 amp and 30 amp multi-motor starter panels here: 60amp,  30amp  

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