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Process Solutions Launches new Energy Management and Refrigeration Division

As part of Process Solutions’ rapid growth, the company has announced the launch of a new Energy Management and Refrigeration Division.  This division will focus on developing a new energy management platform to support functions such as load shedding, demand control and demand response, and major refrigeration control systems.  In addition, Process will be supporting previously installed Powerit Solutions Energy Director™ and SPARA™ controls and software.

To run the Energy Management and Refrigeration division, Process Solutions has also announced the hiring of both Vaclav Mydlil and Kevin Taylor, formerly of Powerit Solutions.  Vaclav and Kevin have extensive experience with energy management and refrigeration systems along with general PLC control systems.  Vaclav has been hired to be the Director of Energy Management and Refrigeration, while Kevin was hired on as the Principal Engineer for the division.  The new division will also be led by Steve Pelton, Process Solutions current Vice President of Sales.

Major refrigeration system controls include, compressor sequencing, condenser VFD control, and closed loop evaporator VFD control.

Energy Management control features can include energy saving evaporator speed control, floating suction pressure compressor control, and floating head pressure condenser control.