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Introducing Process Solutions’ New 3D Control Panel Layout Program

Process Solutions 3D control panel layout program allows our CAD team to detect component collisions inside an enclosure before a panel goes into production. This functionality is especially important in enclosures with 12 inches of depth or less, as the risk of component collision increases as the enclosure volume decreases.

The program works by taking a 2-dimensional drawing of a panel layout, and converting the drawing to a 3-dimensional model. The program then evaluates the panel’s wire ducts, to determine their depths. The end result is an accurate display of each component and wire duct in the control panel.

Once the program has fully rendered the 3D panel model, Process Solutions’ CAD team places the panel into a 3D enclosure model obtained from the enclosure manufacturer. External components, such as HMI’s, switches, and other operator interfaces are then placed in the proper locations on the outside of the enclosure.

With the enclosure, panel, and external components accurately modeled, our CAD team can begin their evaluation process. During this step, the CAD operator will carefully inspect the system from all angles to ensure there are no component collisions in the design. By eliminating the possibility of component collisions before the panel goes into production, we are able to avoid unnecessary manufacturing delays and ensure that our panels are always delivered on time.

Located near Seattle, Washington, Process Solutions has over 30 years of experience providing high quality and reliable control systems. With over 100 engineers and technicians on staff and an output of over 3,000 industrial control panels per year, Process Solutions is the Northwest largest control systems integrator. In addition to custom control panel design, build and commissioning, Process Solutions’ control systems services include PLC and HMI programming, robot system integration, energy management and refrigeration systems, SCADA software, and DAQuery machine monitoring software.