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Process Solutions Now Offering Yoga Sessions to Employees

Process Solutions recently began offering yoga sessions on Thursdays to its employees at the corporate headquarters in Stanwood, WA. The 9:45 AM and 11:00AM sessions are led by Lake Stevens resident, and certified yoga instructor, Wendy Soper.

Wendy Soper has been practicing yoga for 20 years and began instructing her own 1-on-1 classes at her personal home yoga space 2 months ago. Prior to instructing 1-on-1 sessions, Wendy led classes at Spark Hot Yoga in Snohomish. When asked what she believes is the greatest benefit of Yoga, Wendy responded, “There are so many benefits. Yoga is great in so many ways. Yoga brings balance to life in body, mind, and soul. Yoga kind of centers you, and in turn, you bring that out into the world through everything you do and everyone you meet.”

Wendy is an active mother to her 2 children, Andrew, who is in the 5th grade and her daughter, Lauren, who is in the 1st grade. Wendy is also an active volunteer at her children’s school in Lake Stevens. Wendy’s husband is currently serving as a Battalion Chief for the Marysville Fire District. Outside of yoga, Wendy has worked in the receiving department at Costco for the past 23 years. Wendy states that yoga helps her at her job by making her more limber and less susceptible to injury. Wendy is passionate about yoga. When asked what her two favorite hobbies are outside of yoga, Wendy replied, “Yoga, yoga and yoga.” 

Realizing employees often stand or sit for long periods of time during the work day, Process Solutions’ President, Todd Busby, wanted to provide an avenue for his staff to strengthen their bodies and find relaxation. Todd chose to offer yoga due to its reputation for being a relaxing exercise that also strengthens the core and loosens tight muscles. Yoga is also known to help improve quality of life, strength, fitness, and flexibility, while also reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and back pain. 

Celebrating 30 years in business, Process Solutions has emerged as a leader in the control system design and integration industry. Quality and experience are built in to every control system that ships from Process Solutions’ 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Stanwood, Washington. For more information, please visit