At Process Solutions we build thousands of control panels every year. Almost all of those panels need multiple nameplates, a plastic custom engraved label for devices on and inside the panel. Originally, our nameplate production process was slow and tedious to complete, due to using an old engraver that wasn’t built for high-volume production.

With the combined knowledge of our Production Manager and CAD team, we were able to create a new engraving system that cuts production times in half, and produces the same high quality product that our customers have come to expect.

The process starts with our CAD team designing nameplate drawings. The drawings are then sent to the engraving team, who uploads the drawings into the engraving software. From there, the engraver takes over the rest of the way.

See the video below to watch the engraver in action as it cuts out E-stop nameplates to be used on future projects.