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Arlington, WA Production Facility

Process Solutions Expands Control Panel Manufacturing Capacity by 30% and Climbs to 115 Employees on Staff

Stanwood, WA (July 29, 2019) – Process Solutions has experienced tremendous growth in 2019, prompting the expansion of our manufacturing and engineering capacity.

To increase available manufacturing space and ensure the ability to meet all our client’s and partner’s production requirements, Process Solutions recently acquired a 5,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Arlington, WA. The new facility is tooled for high volume control panel assembly and testing, as well as crate construction.

In addition to acquiring the Arlington facility, Process Solutions recently revised the layout of our Stanwood facility’s manufacturing space. The revised layout significantly increases our useable space and allows us to designate areas for specific tasks, such as milling, panel layout, wiring, and testing. These designated task areas help create a more efficient workflow for our technicians and better organizes our production process. Overall, the new Arlington facility and the revised layout of our Stanwood facility have increased Process Solutions’ manufacturing capacity by 30% in just two months.
Process Solutions’ new Arlington, WA facility provides an additional 5,000 Sq. Ft. of production space.

Process Solutions is also expanding our engineering capacity through the continued hiring of new hardware and software engineers. Recently, Process Solutions achieved a new milestone by reaching 115 employees, which brings our staff to over 50 hardware and software engineers, as well as over 40 technicians.

Process Solutions is committed to making key investments to better support our clients, partners, and suppliers. Through our latest investments in our facilities and staff, Process Solutions will continue to have the capacity and expertise to take on any automation project and deliver exceptional results. 

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